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Proud to be your local Real Estate Agent. The residential real estate market is comprised of different players, such as home inspectors, contractors, mortgage loan officers, buyers, and of course, sellers. The entire process is integrated with the help of a real estate agent, that ensures that does not only show investors their options, but also helps them with the procedure, saving them the hassle.

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Why to choose Your Local Real Estate Agent?

An investor friendly real estate agent should be able to provide investment property tips to help you succeed in making a profit, like being able to predict shifts in the market and guide you in the right direction. 

A good investing realtor understands the shifts in the real estate market you are in and how could it influence the value of your investment property. 

A real estate agent that is comfortable with investment properties needs to understand the micro-markets, especially in large cities with a bigger real estate market. Understanding which neighborhoods work best for the purpose of investing is critical as well.

With perfect understanding of the investing market, I am a real estate professional who is well-aware of how the market value of your investing property in New Jersey. 

Being a finance specialist and experienced house flipper with extensive finance experience, I was buying, selling and renovating real estate properties for the past five years. Invested personally in real estate and understand the drive behind investing and will acknowledge your incentives.

I’m not scared to buy at foreclosures, short sales and dealing with the banks direct. As a seller’s agent will guide you towards fast and easy closing, help you evaluate your property and make necessary adjustment for an easy and fast closing. 

My experience includes selling dozens of houses, with over 50 bought at foreclosure sales. As an experienced buyer’s agent, I will guide you on all aspect of the house or investment property search, inspections, future value, cash flow, cap rates, occupancy rates, return on investment and available financing options.

My academic background gave me strategic business knowledge and market strategy. 

I was able to work alongside several high-ranked entrepreneurs to make the change to their financial model which helped them double the company’s financial profitability. 

I am a highly educated individual with business wisdom, deep knowledge of investment strategies and real hand on business experience.

I also have my hands in various other businesses. For over 20 years, I focused on building companies shaping their financial perspectives within an ever-evolving business industry. 

With Bachelors in economic and finance, masters at computer engineering and PhD in economics and finance, strong focus on financial management and proven record of success, I have spent years working and advising for several industry-leading firms across the world. 

There isn’t a challenge in the field of financial management that I have not taken upon me and conquered.

My approach to conducting the task of delivering the best to clients is to use a problem solver mindset. Investors’ demands and needs are prioritized the most and I focus on solving any issue they might come across when deciding which property to spend their hard-earned money on. 

I understand that investing in property is a big decision, and I aim to guide my clients with any help they might require in the process.

I value professionalism and respect the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. To me, it is important that I conduct my business with integrity and utter honesty. 

Instead of just selling you the property, I believe in thoroughly researching the market and present the client with all the options, along with a cost benefit analysis of each choice.

Like any good investment realtor, I pay close attention to detail. Every property needs to be thoroughly investigated so that the client is given with all the information before they could make a decision. 

I believe, it is also extremely imperative that investors’ needs and demands are kept in mind. Every client has individual taste and wants, and I believe in researching the best property for them according to their preferences.

Being in the market for more than five years, I have built sufficient connections. The vast connection with the players in the market, such as loan officers, registration officers, and appraisers allows me to link clients with them. 

Socializing with these connections have also taught me the inside scope of the real estate industry, strengthening my understanding.


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